Big Conversation

Big convo logoWhat is the BIG CONVERSATION?

We want your ideas for how we can involve you more in Aquarius

We believe that you’re a unique person so you should have the opportunity to take control of your life and to develop new meanings and purposes. We concentrate on you and your individual needs, choices and aspirations, rather than on diagnostic categories or labels.

We want to build relationships with you where we work as equal partners or design plan and provide support together. We recognise that we all have valuable skills, knowledge, experience and resources that could be harnessed to improve the quality of life for individuals and our communities. That means you and you support network as well as our staff and volunteers.

So we want to create opportunities for you to be more actively involved at all levels of the work that we do including:

recoveryYour Recovery:

This could involve you being more in charge of decisions about your care plan



Your Service:

This might involve you taking part in decisions about improving the service or recruiting staff; becoming a peer supporter or running activities


championOur Society:

Get involved in championing substance misuse issues and challenging stigma. Support community events and raise public awareness. get involved in campaigns or speak at events.


organisationsOur Organisation:

This could involve you being represented on our Board and committees; working with us to develop new support models and bid to run new services; planning and delivering staff training; or helping improve our systems and processes.


The Big Conversation is an opportunity to continue discussions with people about what they might be interested in and what the opportunities might look like.

We want to do more and do better for you in a way that truly puts your recovery at the heart of our organisation.

You can complete our online survey about this by clicking here

We will be completing our questionnaires throughout February 2016. If you would like any further information or would like the questionnaire in paper format or in large print please speak to your key worker or email