12 Days of Aquarius Festive Tips – support for you over the holiday break

We know that the festive break can be an exciting time for some young people, with parties to attend, reunions with friends and families, and lots of great activities and celebrations to be getting involved with.  

We also know that this time of year can be difficult for many young people too. The holidays can sometimes lead to difficult family situations that are hard to navigate and may leave you feeling overwhelmed or unsafe, such as parents or carers vulnerable to alcohol use turning to a larger consumption. You can often feel very alone or worried about what might happen, or what you should do to keep safe.  

However you might be feeling this season, we’ll be offering advice and guidance on how to stay safe and look after yourselves and your loved ones throughout the holidays in our 12 Days of Aquarius campaign, we’ll also be signposting to our young people services and talking about how they can support you. 

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You can view our advice sheets below covering a variety of different topics or feelings you might experience this break. 

  • Are you, a parent or a friend drinking alcohol this season? Read our alcohol advice sheet to understand the effects and risks.  
  • Are you worried about a parent or carer who has problems with drugs or alcohol this season? We understand you might be feeling more worried or concerned than usual, but you’re not alone. Read our advice sheet here for support.  
  • Are you going out with friends to parties? Make sure you’re prepared on how to stay safe when you’re out and how to get home safely. Read our advice sheet here for support. 

Don’t forget we are here for you. You can find out more about your local Young People Services at Aquarius here. Get in contact to find out their opening hours over Christmas.  

For immediate support options see below: