The 4:50 from Addiction – Chapter 1 – 4

Chapter 1 Mrs McGillcuddy panted along the platform in the wake of her porter carrying her suitcase. Mrs McGillicuddy was short and stout, and the porter was tall and free striding. The race was therefore an uneven one and the […]

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Music Festivals – the season is here

Festivals are nothing new to us, religious festivals have been held for thousands of years and continue to be celebrated today. However the term festival now conjures up images of music, camping, friends, muddy boots and alcohol. Many people have […]

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New Zealand have licenced sellers of legal highs

Keeping legal highs legal is how New Zealand is tackling its problem with alternative ‘legal’ highs.  They have just introduced a law that will licence sellers of alternative highs and only allow the sale of highs that have been through clinical […]

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