12 Days of Festive Tips 2023

With the festive season upon us, we recognise that whilst this is a time filled with excitement and celebration, this time of year can pose challenges for young people across the UK.

Christmas may bring about difficult social situations that are tough to navigate, leading to feelings of being overwhelmed or unsafe. There may be situations where parents or caregivers may become vulnerable to increased alcohol consumption. Or you may be worried about keeping yourself safe and understanding your own drug and alcohol limits. It’s common to feel isolated or concerned about personal safety during this period.

Aquarius is here to provide valuable advice and guidance on staying safe and taking care of yourself and your loved ones throughout the holidays. Additionally, we will be signposting to our young people services and shedding light on how they can offer support tailored to your needs.

Advice worth following…

In the 12 days leading up to Christmas, we will be posting on social media (X – Twitter ,Facebook and Instagram), so make sure to follow our accounts and keep up to date with our #AquariusFestiveTips campaign.

We have put together advice sheets covering a variety of topics and challenges that may present themselves over the Christmas period and how you can stay safe.

Check out our advice sheet on Alcohol for top tips on drinking safely.

If you’re going out this festive season, read our Going Out advice sheet so you can plan ahead and look after yourself.

Are you worried about a parent or carer who has problems with drugs or alcohol this season? We understand you might be feeling more worried or concerned than usual, but you’re not alone. Read our advice sheet here for support.

Recreational use of Nitrous Oxide has increased in recent years. If you think you’ll come across it at parties or nights out, check out our Nitrous Oxide advice sheet to help reduce harm to yourself and others.

To find out more about our Young People’s services or to find out how to get in touch click here.