A personal story from a young person at our Bedfordshire service

At Aquarius we are proud to be part of the Recovery Focus Group of charities, collectively supporting people impacted by mental ill health, domestic abuse, and the harms caused by alcohol, drugs and gambling.  

This week the Recovery Focus partners are highlighting their young people services, of which we proudly deliver a number of here at Aquarius. Our Aquarius Young People’s Services offer support to young people who may simply just want to drop in for a chat to understand the impact of alcohol and drugs, or for those who may be worried about a carer or family members drug or alcohol use, or even their own. You can find out more about our Young People’s Services here. 

Today, we want to share a personal story from a young person we supported in our Bedfordshire Young People’s Service 


“I was taking drugs for around a year. The drugs were making my mood decrease. I became lazy and angry and overall, not happy with life.  

With my support workers help I finished my first college course which is now leading onto an apprenticeship. She also helped me get over the loss of my best friend who overdosed. I have now been clean for over a month thanks to the support. My support worker was always so kind and non-judgemental, she helped me with my anxiety around people. I felt like I could open up to her, I trusted her. 

To anyone thinking about accessing the service, I would say don’t pass up on the opportunity. Drugs make you a different person and there is nothing that compares to genuine happiness. There is nothing to be afraid of saying, it’s the drugs’ fault, not you. Through this support you’ll see that and realise that drugs just aren’t worth it.  

Honestly thank you so much to my support worker. You helped me feel like me again and probably saved my life.” 


A huge thank you to the young person for sharing some of their recovery journey with us and to our Bedfordshire Young People’s Service for the work they do to support young people and their families, and for leaving a lasting impact on people, like they have for this young person.  

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Find your local Aquarius Young People’s Service here.