A Recovery Story from the Grow Project – Young People’s Week

We are proud to be part of the Recovery Focus Group of charitiesoffering support services to recover from mental ill health, domestic abuse and the harms caused by drugs, alcohol, and gambling. This week we are dedicating our social media accounts to Young People and the services that support their recovery across the group. We all know that the pandemic will have had a substantial impact on young people – on their social lives, their education and their mental health. We also know that more, and different support will be needed ahead. At Aquarius we have a variety of services that support young people misusing substances as well as those affected by a parent/carer that misuses substances. 

One of those is the Grow Project, which is led by young people who are affected by drug or alcohol misuse. As part of the project, young people can learn to grow their own food, learn to cook healthy meals, make new friends all in a safe and supportive environment. 

Today, a member of staff tells us about the recovery journey of one young woman who was referred to the service with a history of substance misuse, a criminal record of damage and theft, and a difficulty in identifying positive relationships.  

“Throughout her time at the Grow Project she painted a number of benches and planters in the Grow Project Garden and built a bird box from scratch. She also was able to experience a safe space to talk with people and feel supported. 

This young person had had a difficult and challenging few years, without the intervention of the Grow Project and other support avenues coming into her life it is unknown where she would be now. She worked extremely hard alongside professionals to remain clean from drugs and gain confidence in herself. Her feedback to the Grow Project was immensely positive, she had the freedom to be herself without the modern pressures facing a young person.  

The Grow Project was able to see a young person experiencing some very troubling situations, grow into a bright young woman with a future ahead of her.

This young person is a true example of the capability the Grow Project has to offer a safe space for young people to work through their experiences and be themselves without concern or worry. Once this young person turns 18, she will continue to attend the Grow Project and enter a peer support role when she feels ready to help others in a similar situation she was once in.” 

To hear from more of our young people services and those they support, follow the Recovery Focus Twitter and the Aquarius Twitter as well as liking our Facebook page. Keep up to date with the social media week on the hashtag #YoungPeoplesWeek. Find out more about our Aquarius young people services here. The Grow Project takes self-referrals from young people, you can email the team for an application form here