A rise in alcohol-related deaths during the pandemic

We were recently featured in a news article by PoliticsHome about the rise in alcohol related deaths during the pandemic. New figures from Public Health England have shown that alcohol-specific deaths have increased by 20% in 2020, this rise is driven by an increase in alcohol liver disease. These new statistics are upsetting and alarming 

The article features various industry professionals, including Richard McVey, our Aquarius Head of Service, who stated that it was “tragic” that the pandemic had caused such an acceleration in alcoholic liver death.  

He added: “We believe that there is a real need for specialist support services for alcoholic related liver disease – because with the correct support alcoholic liver disease is preventable.” 

Aquarius started as an alcohol charity, offering 1:1 and peer support. We are proud to continue offering alcohol support alongside our drug and gambling services. As industry specialists we have seen an increase in demand for support with alcohol usage throughout lockdown. At Aquarius we will continue to offer our specialist support to allow people to lead full and empowered lives free from the negative influences of alcohol, drugs and gambling. 

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