As a central nervous system depressant alcohol lowers inhibitions. When this happens we are less likely to think about the things we say to others.

A quiet night in with a few drinks with your partner on a Saturday night can make for a relaxing evening. However it can become very different if you or your partner has one too many and you end up bickering into the early hours of the morning. When alcohol is involved our self control is reduced and we can act and behave in ways we later regret.

As alcohol lowers our inhibitions we can say or do things without caring or considering what the consequences may be.  Alcohol does create a feel-good state when taken in moderation but if you consume too much this feel-good state can quickly turn into sadness or aggression.


If caught up in an argument with somebody who is under the influence of alcohol it might be best to give in or to walk away even if you believe that you are in the right. When somebody is drunk and argumentative it is unlikely that they will change their mind and if you continue to disagree with them it will only frustrate or even anger them further.

If you and your partner are having problems it is best talk about it when you are both sober and can be rational about any disagreement; this can help you make sure that things don’t get out of hand.