Alcohol & Calories

Want a Beer Belly?

Alcohol is often described as being “empty calories”.  This is because alcohol is high in calories but they offers no nutritional value.

Excessive drinking can lead to obesity because the body cannot store alcoholic calories in the same way as calories produced by food. This means that if alcohol is consumed in addition to a normal diet food calories are used by the body while alcohol calories are stored as fat. If a person decreases food consumption to compensate for the alcohol then poor nutrition is a risk because alcohol does not contain the vitamins, proteins and other necessary nutrients present in food.

It is often the case that dependant drinkers who consume more and more alcohol begin to eat less. This is not only due to their cognitive state but also they prioritise buying alcohol over food.

Some calorie examples:

Can of lager (568ml) = 189 calories = a slice of pizza

Glass of wine (250ml) = 195 calories = a slice of cake

2 x bottles of beer (330ml) = 275 calories = a sirloin steak

Pint of cider (568ml) = 210 calories = a sugar doughnut