Aquarius endorse Adfam’s response to Dame Carol Black’s Review of Drugs

Adfam are a national charity tackling the effects of alcohol, drugs and gambling on families and friends. They provide support and training for families and professionals, as well as informing policy development and campaigns locally and nationally for improved family support services.

Adfam have written a family-focused response to Dame Carol Black’s phase two independent Review of DrugsAquarius and 17 fellow organisations that support, advocate and champion families affected by substance use have endorsed this response. Dame Carol Black’s phase two review focuses on how to improve the funding, commissioning, quality and accountability of drug prevention, treatment and recovery services in England. Dame Carol Black concludes that the public provision we currently have for prevention, treatment and recovery is not fit for purpose, and that more must be done urgently to tackle the impact of drugs on individuals and communities.

We collectively welcome this review and see it as an opportunity to improve drug prevention and recovery services, as well as putting a greater focus on the needs of families affected by substance use.

Providing support to families and safeguarding young people is what we do best at Aquarius. Drug misuse can cause considerable harm to young people and families. We know that family support is vital in the recovery journeys of those misusing substances and the families impacted.

Richard McVey, Aquarius Head of Service said:

Aquarius welcomes the Dame Carol Black Review of Drug Treatment. As a family focussed organisation, we know that any effective form of support for people recovering from substance use will need to include and involve the provision of support for families. That is why we support Adfam’s response to the Dame Carol Black review on behalf of the family support sector.

Make sure you read Adfam’s response to the review.

If you are interested in our support at Aquarius for people affected by alcohol, drugs and gambling, including our family support, you can find out more here.