Aquarius Life – recent news features!

At Aquarius we have a separate business and social enterprise called Aquarius Life. The Aquarius Life team work to support employees in the workplace with issues surrounding drugs, alcohol, and gambling.

Aquarius Life began when we noticed the prevalence of these issues for people that are in work. Very little specialist support is offered by organisations to help people cope with the harms caused by drugs, alcohol and gambling and to ultimately lead healthy lives. As a result of this realisation, Aquarius Life was born and offers support to employers to in turn support their employees who may be dealing with these issues.

Aquarius Life offers strategic support, policy writing, training, 1:1 intervention programmes, awareness campaigns and support implementing drug testing with businesses and education providers. With this work Aquarius Life is able to create a positive culture of wellbeing in the workplace and to support people to overcome the harms caused by alcohol, drugs and gambling by providing responsive and effective services.

Aquarius Life have been attracting a lot of attention recently and have been featured in a number of news articles for the work they have been doing with employers and businesses.

All Things Business featured Aquarius Life recently, explaining the work they do and it’s impact, as well as identifying potential workplace signs or patterns of behaviours to be aware of that may show an employee who is at risk of turning to alcohol or drugs to cope.

Northampton Chronicle spoke about Aquarius Life’s new and unique partnership with Brackmills, an industrial estate in Northampton. Brackmills have become Aquarius Life’s very first advocate and have recently been offered support for their workers around addiction through the Aquarius Life programme. An incredible achievement for the Aquarius Life team! Brackmills businesses will now have access to training and awareness programmes, support with their alcohol, drug, health and wellbeing policies, as well as many other forms of support Aquarius Life offers.

IOSH Magazine provided a piece about the aims of Aquarius Life, and why their work is so important, particularly now when we have seen an increase in alcohol usage to cope during the pandemic. With the work of Aquarius Life we aim to demonstrate healthy ways to cope with workplace stress and to inform employers on the additional challenges employees may face.

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If you are interested in Aquarius Life or would like to find out more click here to visit their website or contact at to find out how businesses and education providers can get involved in programmes.