Aquarius working with Alcohol Change and Alcohol Health Alliance

Did you see our work with Alcohol Change UK and Alcohol Health Alliance last week as part of Alcohol Awareness Week? Area Manager, Ruth, wrote two incredible and insightful blogs that featured on their websites.

For our blog with Alcohol Health Alliance, Ruth talks about how to approach a child when you are worried about their drinking. It can often be difficult to bring up these conversations. Ruth touches on where to start and knowing when the best time to approach your child might be. You can read the blog here.

Be curious and learn together by searching the dangers of alcohol with them online. Finding stories of what others have gone through can help to normalise what your child is experiencing and could help you both reach a conclusion about whether professional support is something that is needed.

For our blog with Alcohol Change UK, Ruth wrote about the impact of alcohol misuse on a family. At Aquarius we deliver family support to those impacted by a loved one’s alcohol misuse. Ruth reflected on the experiences of people we support through these family services. You can read the blog here.

Children often desperately want their parent to stop drinking. They want to feel more valued and more important than the bottle. However, they are often anxious about what their parent’s journey of recovery will look like for them.

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