Aquarius Young People Summer Safety Campaign Launches

This summer our Aquarius Young People Services are sharing tips, advice, and guidance about staying safe during the summer and how to support your friends when they are in trouble due to drug or alcohol misuse.

You can check out our advice sheets on Staying Safe, Getting Help and how to support a friend if they are Taking Drugs now.

You can also view our advice and guidance on Calling 999 in an emergency and how to Spot Your Mate if they are feeling unwell or guidance on how to put a friend into the recovery position. We also have resources on how Alcohol, Cannabis, and Nitrous Oxide can influence someone when consumed or taken, as well as safety information about the substances.

Make sure you are following the Aquarius social media channels to keep up to date on how to make your summer great and safe! Follow the Aquarius Young People Instagram, Aquarius Twitter and like the Aquarius Facebook page. You can also follow along and keep up to date on the hashtag #AquariusSummerSafety.

Find out about the Aquarius Young People Services in your area here, and how they can support you or a parent/carer with alcohol or substance misuse.