Birmingham Young People

Our Birmingham Young People’s service supports under 18’s who misuse drugs and alcohol or live with someone who does

We work closely with a number of partner agencies to give young people the best possible personalised care. We can see young people at a venue of their choice across Birmingham. We understand that there can often be many complex reasons why young people feel the need to engage in drinking and drugs and work with them to help them lead better more informed lifestyles

The services we offer young people in Birmingham

We have allocated workers within our team who pick up referrals specifically working with Young people who are affected by a signifcant others substance misuse (mainly parents). We work within a school setting and closely with young people within safeguarding system (fCAF, CP plans, CIN). Practitioners work with Young people around resilience, and providing appropriate awareness around substances.

We work together with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service as young people who misuse substances require specialist assessment and have a higher incidence of mental and
emotional ill-health and neuro-developmental disorder. Much like adults, a large number of young people drink and use drugs to aid emotional regulation. Being in partnership means we have instant access to consultant level child psychiatry.

St. Basils
We currently have a practitioner based in the Youth Homeless Hub 4 days a week. We are reviewing the demand in this area and we may look at increasing capacity further if there is need identified. At the Hub our worker covers harm reduction, brief advice and information for client who are presenting at the Hub in regards to their housing status. If there is identified need then they will be offered longer term structured psychosocial support with this worker.

Aquarius has experienced an increasing number of referrals of young people who are being sexually exploited, we have an on site Barnardos worker to assist us with these vulnerable young people who need a specialised level of care. As well as specific support around their drug and alcohol misuse we are able to help them with sexual health, self-esteem, resilience, safety, child safeguarding and relationships.

Youth Offending
We provide a named substance use worker to each of the five Youth offending Teams across the city, with additional resources from our support worker staff. These five practitioners spend at least 50% of their time at their YOT bases and are on hand at the point of need, to provide a flexible accessible service that fits around the statutory appointments of the Order/licence. Practitioners attend risk and vulnerability panel meetings and feed into YOS led intervention plans.


If you would like to refer someone to the Birmingham Young People’s service please complete this  Aquarius YP Referral form