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Aquarius and COVID19

Updated 09/11/2020

We are facing an unprecedented situation with the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions placed on service delivery with the guiding principle being ‘Stay At Home’. Each service has developed a plan to ensure continued service delivery.

Young People’s Services
As we are an essential service we are still seeing young people in schools and colleges when permitted to do so as those are covid safe environments. We are also offering social distant walks and are able to see young people face to face in the office adhering to social distancing rules. We are of course also offering virtual sessions by phone or Zoom where face to face appointments aren’t able to go ahead.

Adult Treatment Services
Derby, Solihull, Telford, Wolverhampton and Gambling services. There are small numbers of staff available at our offices to provide prescriptions for drug users whilst most staff are now working from home to deliver support to people who use our services via telephone and video calls.

Training Services (update 22/07/2020)
Aquarius DRIVE, our Drink Drive Rehabilitation Scheme and Aquarius Life, support for employees and students dealing with mental health, alcohol, drugs, gambling and other challenges, have both resumed service delivery. Please contact the services directly for more information regarding this.

Our Northamptonshire Healthy Futures training service continues to deliver our Drug and Alcohol Awareness training to teams across the county on line, via video conferencing. We are now able to provide Resilience and Stress Management training. If you would like to know more or would like to book a training session, please contact 0300 456 4292, or email

Service Temporary Closures
Some services have had to temporarily pause their delivery due to the COVID19 restrictions – principally our Evolve social enterprise cafe’s and our Grow project that helps young people to learn how to grow and cook their own food.

Aquarius: Supporting people to cope with the Corona Virus
Statement from Aquarius Head of Service

There are significant restrictions on movement as part of a national response to the Corona Virus. We have moved from ‘Social Distancing’ to ‘Stay at Home’ being the primary principle.

Our frontline staff are reporting that certain drugs are becoming less available and that in some cases this is leading to increased prices and a greater possibility of drugs being cut with other substances with the risk of contamination of drugs for the people we support. If reduced availability leads to higher prices and reduced quality will this lead to increased pressure on household incomes for our people and will it mean people switching between different and more available drugs like alcohol?

When I look at social media posting currently it would appear that one response to the Corona Virus is for people to drink more. How many ‘normal’ drinkers will find themselves becoming more dependent as this crisis continues. And how many of our people will struggle to make a change in their drinking during this period?

And for gamblers, will the restrictions lead to increased online gambling as a way to cope?

All of these possibilities clearly indicate that Aquarius services are needed more then ever. Our ’Functional Model’ is fundamentally about helping people identify the needs they meet through alcohol, drugs and gambling and helping them find alternatives ways to meet these needs.

How to cope with this new set of circumstances that Corona Virus brings will become even more important the longer it goes on. Aquarius staff have the training and experience to provide such invaluable support at this time for the people who use our services and for each other as colleagues. We are dedicated and committed to providing the best possible support to the people who use our services during this time.

Stay safe. Stay well.

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