Drugs & Violence


According to a recent British Crime Survey 19% of violent crime victims believe the offender to be under the influence of drugs

People under the influence of drugs are not always aware of their actions and people often act differently from how they would normally. When taking illicit drugs you cannot always know what you are actually taking or how they will react with your body and influence your mind.

There is a known relationship between drugs and violence. There is the violence that is associated with drug dealing and with the gangs and groups that traffic or deal drugs; this includes a good proportion of gun crime.

There are also a number of violent crimes carried out by drug users; Crack users, for example, have been known to binge and then attack people in order to rob them so they can buy more drugs. More recently there have been examples of people using research chemicals or “legal highs” having out of body experiences and assaulting people – sometimes without any recollection of their actions once the effects of the substance have worn off. Many dependent drug users find themselves in the criminal justice system because of the offences they have committed in order to fund their habit – many of these offences are “offences against a person”.