Amphetamines (Speed)

Amphetamine is a white powder, often looking like tiny crystals (not to be confused with crystal meth)

Slang names:
Speed, whizz, base, billy

Main effects:
Makes the user feel very alert, keeps you awake for long periods of time and can make you feel chatty and excited. Speed increases your heart rate and supresses your appetite

It can make it very difficult to relax or sleep which is not good for the body. Lack of sleep can cause a weakened immune system. You get a ‘comedown’ for 2-3 days after taking amphetamine. People experience a sense of worthlessness, sadness and generally feel sad and fed up Increased use can lead to anxiety, irritability and depression and you can build up a tolerance so crave larger quantities to get the same desired effect.

You can quickly develop a tolerance to amphetamine, meaning you need more and more of the drug to create the same desired effects.

Physical effects can include high blood pressure, fever, rapid breathing, agitation and painful urination.

Amphetamines (Speed) is often used by university students to keep them alert and awake longer to complete assignments.

Often used by clubbers so they can keep dancing for longer.

Class A


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