Cannabis comes in many forms, the most common being dried green leaves, or buds (weed).
It can also be found in resin form which looks like a soft brown chunk or the least common is cannabis oil which looks like dark brown syrup.

Slang names:
Black, booda, blow, dope, draw, ganja, grass, hash, cheese, skunk, shit, grass, marijuana, resin, weed

Main effects:
Cannabis makes users feel more relaxed, chatty and happy. It can also increase your appetite – commonly known as “the munchies”

Regular use of cannabis has been linked to increased feelings of anxiety and panic. It can cause poor concentration and a lack of motivation. It has also been linked to psychotic episodes the risk of which increases if you have an underlying mental health issue.

Cannabis is commonly used with tobacco which itself can cause addiction and increases the risk due to the toxins associated with it.

Mixing cannabis with other drugs, even alcohol, can mean you’re more likely to have an accident.

Cannabis is considered by many people as not being as dangerous as other drugs, they think it is safer and there is quite widespread acceptance of cannabis use.  Some people may think it is safer because it is a plant and therefore a natural substance. A large amount of cannabis purchased on the street is in fact genetically modified.

People smoke cannabis with tobacco or on its own, they may roll a “spliff” or use a bong.  Some people bake it in cakes and pastries and sometimes make it into tea. It is often taken or shared as part of a group when a ‘joint’ is passed around. It is considered a social drug as it can make the user feel mellow, relaxed and talkative.  Some people may feel happy and even get the giggles.

Some people use cannabis to relieve symptoms of a medical problem such as multiple sclerosis; however it is still illegal to possess it.

Synthetic Cannabis:
With the increasing trend of “legal highs” there are products on the market advertised as synthetic cannabis. These chemicals are advertised as giving the same effect as normal cannabis however they are not chemically similar and because they are extremely potent can create significantly worse health problems.

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Remember if drugs are affecting you or you are being affected by someone else’s drug use, you can contact us for support 

If your friend or family member has taken drugs and appears unwell including: 

then you need to dial 999. Please do not be worried about doing this; even if they have taken an illegal substance it is important they receive medical treatment