Drug Cocktails

Due to increased availability cocaine is often taken with other drugs, this cocktail can produce other drugs within the body and often the user has no idea what effect it will have on them. Some of the more common drug cocktails include:

Cocaine and Alcohol
This produces a new drug in the body called cocaethelyne which has the same desired effect as cocaine, giving the user a sense of euphoria but can often last longer than just cocaine. Cocaethelyne is actually a poisonous substance which can affect the heart and increase the risk of heart failure.

Cocaine and Heroin – aka Speedball
These two drugs boost each others effects, giving a very intense high but also a massive comedown. The effect of the cocaine wears off quicker than that of the heroin, so users then have a comedown from the heroin and overdose because they have not recognised the amount they have administered until it is too late.

Cocaine and Ketamine – aka CK
Produces feelings of euphoria and out of body experiences

Cocaine and Ecstasy – aka Dynamine
This boots the effect of the ecstasy

Cocaine and Amphetamine 
This heightens the euphoric effect of each drug


Point to note:
Mixing two stimulants can be very dangerous as the effects of both can kick in very quickly and it makes the users heart beat very fast which can cause a heart attack


Remember if drugs are affecting you or you are being affected by someone else’s drug use, you can contact us for support