Ecstasy in its pure form is a white powder but is usually sold as tablets.  These tablets come in a variety of colours often with a picture or logo on them.

Slang names:
‘E’, pills, smartiEs, MDMA, XTC

Main effects:
Ecstasy can make you experience things in a heightened way; music and colours appear more intense for example. Users often become very chatty and lose track of time and sometimes call it the love drug as people may experience loving feelings for the people they are with.  Physical effects of ecstasy can include an increase in heart rate and an increased body temperature.  You might also experience tightening of the jaw muscles which makes people “gurn” or grind their teeth and it can dilate your pupils.

Some dealers will pass off other drugs as ecstasy; such as PMA and some “Legal Highs”.  These can be more dangerous than the ecstasy you think you’re taking.  Sometimes the effects take a while to kick in and users might take a second dose as they don’t think it’s worked increasing the risk of overdose. It’s also difficult to know what you’ve taken, the ecstasy could be cut (mixed) with a number of substances before being made into pills. You get a gradual ‘comedown’ after taking ecstasy;  possible side effects include feeling anxious or having panic attacks, being confused and possibly paranoia or even psychosis.  Ecstasy can keep users awake for long periods of time which can weaken the immune system.

Ecstasy is primarily used in the clubbing and dance scene. It is taken so the user can keep-going for ages and to help them have a heightened awareness and enjoyment of the music and effects around them.

Class A


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