On the streets they are sold as tiny squares of paper with colourful pictures on and are often called “blotters” or “tabs”.  They can also be found as tiny pellets or sometimes in liquid form

Slang names:
Blotters, tabs, acid, dots, rainbows, trips

Main effects:
Produces hallucinations so the user experiences trips which totally distort reality. Users often see and hear things which aren’t there and perception of time and movement can slow down or speed up.  The effect you have can depend on your mood, set and setting – how you’re feeling, who you’re with and where you are.  If you’re in a good mood, with people you know and trust and somewhere safe and comfortable you’re more likely to have a good trip.  If you’re upset or anxious and in a less comfortable environment you may have a bad trip.

You have no idea what sort of “trip” you’re going to get. Sometimes the hallucinations can be very frightening and feel very real and some people have been known to harm themselves or others whilst on such a trip.  Because LSD can take from about 20 minutes up to a couple of hours to take effect there is a risk that someone might take a second dose.  Once you have taken the drug you cannot stop the effects and have to wait until they wear off which can take several hours. If you have taken a second or larger dose you might not be able to cope with the effects.  Users can suffer from flashbacks usually in the weeks after a trip but sometimes months or even years afterwards; there is also a risk to mental health particularly for someone with an underlying or undiagnosed mental health problem.


Class A



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