Magic Mushrooms

mushroomsSmall beige/tan coloured small mushrooms

Slang names:
Magic mushrooms, Shrooms, magics, Mushies, liberty cap

Main effects: Users experience ‘trips’ that cause hallucinations, your surrounding may appear distorted or colours appear more vivid. Your sense of time and or of movement may slow down or speed up. It can feel as though you are dreaming even though you are awake.

If eaten raw magic mushrooms can make the user feel sick and nauseous. If you’re not sure what you’re taking you could end up eating a highly poisonous mushroom by mistake.   You do not know how long a trip will last and some trips may be very frightening and unpleasant. Once you’ve taken mushrooms you cannot undo or stop the effects.  Like other hallucinogens taking mushrooms can leave you having flashbacks afterwards.  Because your sense of reality is distorted you may put yourself at risk of doing something dangerous.


Class A



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