Methamphetamine – Crystal Meth

Small white crystals with a glass like appearance but can also come as tablets and powder

Slang names:
Crystal Meth, Meth, Christy, ice, glass, Yabba

Main effects:
Methamphetamine can make you feel very alert and energised but also agitated, paranoid, confused and aggressive. Some of the other effects include increased levels of activity and feeling aroused, reduced appetite, increased heart rate and blood pressure and lowered inhibitions.

The effect has been described as similar to cocaine although smoking the purer, crystal form gives much longer lasting effects with some high’s lasting as long as 12 hours.

Regular users run the risk of suffering from Psychosis and heavy users have experienced brain damage although this can improve if they abstain from amphetamines for a long period of time.  Overdosing can result in damage to the lungs, the intestine and the kidneys.  It can also cause stroke and can result in coma or even death.  Amphetamine use is addictive and users may build up a tolerance so craving the drug; Highs will be followed by a “comedown” and you may experience a sense of worthlessness and sadness.

Class A



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