Sleep & Appearance

One of the impacts of addiction is sleep disruption.  

Drugs can affect a persons body clock, causing irregular sleep patterns, insomnia and other sleep related problems. Drug use can change people’s behaviour and the routines they follow.

If somebody is working their drug use may take place in the evening; if they don’t work then their drug use may determine when they use and set the pattern of their days.  As routines change this can create disruption and changes to the body’s normal patterns. Taking ecstasy or speed, for example, makes the user feel very alert and awake and getting rest or sleep might not be possible for hours afterwards.  This can mean that the body stays awake for far longer than it would normally which can cause adverse effects on the brain and it’s ability to function properly.

Some drugs appear to help improve sleep while actually decreasing sleep quality. People may use drugs stating they help them to sleep, however the sleep is disrupted and so a person may wake feeling unrested and tired.

Prolonged use of drugs can have a physical effect on your appearance. Drug users will often prioritise drugs over food, thus starving the body of essential nutrients.

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