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January 26, 2016 1:40 pm

Dying Matters, that’s what David Bowie thought

2016_DavidBowie5_Press_060116.article_x4As liver disease hits the headlines again today – http://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/jan/24/inside-the-liver-ward-nhs – we are struck once more by the timeliness of our Birmingham project, Aquarius Befriending Care.

Over the past year Vicky Lindsay (manager of Befriending Care) and a core of six fantastic volunteers, have been discovering more about the lives of a group of people who often get a raw deal, whilst facing a range of complex needs: Isolation, pain, ignorance of their condition and or prognosis, and a complete lack of care co-ordination if they are approaching the end of life.

Lancaster University are evaluating the work of our volunteers as part of a national research project, funded by the Cabinet office, looking at the role of volunteers in contributing to Palliative Care. In addition Lorna Templeton will be evaluating our work to date, with the perspective of living with, and dying from, Liver Disease.

Last week Vicky from Aquarius attended the planning event for the next Dying Matters week, May 9th to 16th May 2016. We were all asked what how we are prepared for our own dying, given that every one of us will die at some time and we don’t know when. These are some of the key questions we should all be asking ourselves:

  • Have you made your will?

  • Has it been updated?

  • Can someone find it?

  • Do you have life assurance?

  • Are your bank details and passwords available

  • Can someone get to them if needed?

Such a set of questions may sound a bit gloomy, but working these things out for ourselves does help us, if and when we have clients who need to address these concerns too. After all for these clients DYING MATTERS.

I know many people have been affected in the last few weeks by the death of David Bowie.  You may also be interested in this article here

For some amazing resources please go to  http://www.dyingmatters.org/overview/resources

If you would like any more information on our project or Dying Matters week  please contact Vicky on 07843 266 730

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