Frontline Staff Week at Recovery Focus 

At Aquarius we are part of the Recovery Focus group of charities, supporting people to recover from mental ill health, domestic abuse and the harm caused by drug, alcohol and gambling misuse. This week at Recovery Focus it is Frontline Staff Week. All week on the Recovery Focus social media accounts we will be hearing the stories and experiences of frontline staff across the Recovery Focus group.

This past year has been enormously challenging, and our Frontline Staff have adapted to pandemic restrictions and managed to maintain exceptional service delivery for the people we support.

As part of #OurFrontlineStaff week we heard from Richard McVey, our Aquarius Head of Service about how invaluable our frontline staff are to our organisation.

Frontline service delivery is the key thing we deliver as a charity. The support we provide to substance users and gamblers and their families is the key activity of this organisation. It is what we do and what we are about. Every day our frontline workers come to work to help change people’s lives.

The support you provide is invaluable. It helps people feel understood, included, empowered and to develop new ways of coping with their lives. It can transform a life of adversity and pain to a life of hope and recovery. Keep up the good work. What you do every day is appreciated by the people you support, your colleagues and by me. Thank you.

Richard McVey, Aquarius Head of Service

Find out what it’s really like on the frontline.

Throughout the week we are going to be hearing from frontline staff across the group about their day-to-day work, what it’s been like working in a pandemic and how they unwind and protect their own mental health.

Make sure you follow @recovery_focus on Twitter as well as the rest of the Recovery Focus Group accounts and like the Aquarius and Richmond Fellowship Facebook pages to stay up to date with the week. You can find all content on the #OurFrontlineStaff hashtag. For Aquarius specifc content follow us on twitter here. If you are a frontline staff member yourself why not comment and share your own experiences too! 

Thank you again to all #OurFrontlineStaff for your work over the past year in such difficult circumstances. We could not inspire recovery without the work you put in for the people we support.