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Gambling refers to the risking/wagering of money or valuables on the outcome of a game, contest or other event in the hope of winning additional money or material goods.

There are many forms of popular gambling in the UK, these include:

The National Lottery
Scratch Cards

Betting on Horse racing
Gaming Machines
Card games (Poker, Bridge, Black Jack)
Non – sports events
Roulette (Table Bets)
FOBT’s (Fixed Odd Betting Terminals)
Football Pools
Spread Betting

Some Gambling facts and statistics

Problem Gambling is becoming a major problem in the West Midlands with almost 75%* of the population gambling regularly.

73% of the adult population (16 and over) participated in some form of gambling activity. This is a 5% increase since the 2007 survey

The most popular gambling activity is the National Lottery, with 59% of the adult population purchasing Lottery Tickets.

Excluding the National Lottery, 56% of the adult population participated in gambling in 2010

Statistics show that one individual’s gambling problem can affect up to four other people including family, friends and work/college associates.

We are losing approximately £24 million on gambling in the West Midlands alone

Betting accounts for 48% of all gambling

There has also been a considerable rise in the use of gambling activities online, mobile telephones and on TV

Men are more likely than women to gamble overall, with 75% men and 71% women (The exception being Bingo: 12% of women and 6% men).

The number of women gambling has increase by 6% to 71%.

Problem gambling is more prevalent in men and younger age groups and significantly associated with being of Asian/ Asian British or Black/Black British origin

 There is a significant link between problem gambling if an individual:

  • Has a parent with a gambling problem
  • Is divorced or separated
  • Has low educational attainment
  • Smokes cigarettes

gamcare logoWe work with GamCare  to provide support, information and advice to anyone suffering with a gambling problem or friends and family members affected by someone else’s gambling