The Four Steps

Four Steps to help reduce your gambling. Cut down a little at a time to keep it realistic, try different techniques, we’ve listed some below to get your started….



1a) Set a limit from the start on how much you are willing to spend on gambling in a session or in a week. Stick to it!
1b) Leave credit/cash cards at home when you go out to gamble
1c) If you use a betting account ask them to place a limit on it – say £50. This works for online casinos too!
1d) On pay day aim to pay all your priority debts first (mortgage, rent, council tax etc)
1e) If you receive winnings ask for it to be in the form of a cheque not as chips/tokens or cash




2a) Set yourself a limit on how many times a week you will gamble (e.g. twice a week) Be specific and name the days
2b) Avoid those “I’ll just have a quick go” scenarios
2c) Ensure that you have a day off between each gambling session
2d) Set a limit on how long you will allow yourself to gamble in each session, (e.g. one hour, then take a break or leave
2e) You can set your alarm on your watch or phone to remind you, even your PC will have a calendar reminder alert you can use





3a) Always remember that you are buying entertainment
3b) Always be prepared to lose; if you win know that it happened by chance
3c) Be honest with yourself about your losses and try to accept them!
3d) Never spend your savings or investments on gambling
3e) Ask friends and family not to lend you money if you ask them
3f) Learn to budget and make sure priority bills are paid first; seek financial help for your outstanding debts






4a) Spend more time with family and friends
4b) Take up a new hobby or interest or revisit one that you enjoyed before gambling took over
4c) Join a social group or organise events with friends who don’t gamble
4d) Talk to others about your worries or concerns rather than bottling them up
4e) Try the gym or other sports activities, especially if you like the adrenaline experience.
4f) Learn relaxation techniques if appropriate