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Do you want to make a difference to the lives of people affected by alcohol, drugs or gambling?

Our volunteers are a special part of the Aquarius family.

Many of our services rely on the help and support given by volunteers, and we value the positive impact volunteers often have on people’s recovery journeys.

We have plenty of volunteering roles for you – find out about our application process below!

A role for everyone.

Volunteering can be an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience. We offer a wide range of roles and responsibilities throughout Aquarius.

We aim to fit each person’s experience, skills and knowledge to the different types of volunteer roles we offer. Depending on your role, we provide induction training and relevant learning and development opportunities to support you. You’ll gain valuable skills and experience as a volunteer at Aquarius.

Find out more about what it’s like to volunteer with Aquarius in this blog by Linda, one of our volunteers at the Steps To Change Project.

Whatever your circumstances and background, we’d like to invite you to apply to be a volunteer.

We are open to people with lived experience of substance use and gambling as well as those without, and having a criminal record does not automatically disqualify you from applying. Many of our volunteers have used our services in the past, or have a family member affected by substance use and gambling; others just want to give their time to help others in their community.

To make the process as easy as possible, volunteering applications are handled centrally by emailing volunteering@aquarius.org.uk.

You will be asked to provide the names of two referees and have an assessment meeting. We’ll supply you with an outline of the role you’ll be undertaking and a volunteer agreement. The object of this is to try, as far as possible, to match your motivation and expectations to what we need from a volunteer.

We’re committed to your wellbeing while you volunteer with us. Our aim is to ensure that your time, skills and commitment are used to the benefit of all, and that you enjoy the time you spend with us.

Volunteering gave me a safe place to find me again. I can be honest and open and don’t need to hide my past.

Volunteering with Aquarius has been a beautiful experience for me. Surrounded by non-judgemental people from service user level to management. I appreciate how staff encourage and value my feedback and implement it.

I’ve enjoyed meeting lots of new people, including the other volunteers. It’s nice to chat with people as we go about our tasks.

Being asked for my opinion or to explain from my lived experience how I felt about a situation by a member of staff means a great deal to me

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