New parent company for Aquarius

Our parent company Richmond Fellowship are merging with the charity Humankind to form a new single larger organisation, to better support even more people facing multiple disadvantage.

Since 2015, Aquarius has been a subsidiary of Richmond Fellowship under the group brand name ‘Recovery Focus’. As part of the merger of Richmond Fellowship and Humankind, Aquarius will continue as a subsidiary of the new merged organisation, and will continue supporting people across the range of our services, retaining our own Board of Trustees, our registered charity status and continuing to be a trading company in our own right.

Richard McVey, Head of Service for Aquarius said:
‘The Aquarius senior leadership and board of trustees are committed to ensuring the continued success of Aquarius and that we maximise the benefits of a new larger parent company to complement the strengths of Aquarius’.

For all media enquiries contact:

Veronica Beserve
Richmond Fellowship Head of Communications / 07468 763772