NEW Safer Drinking Guidelines for Alcohol

January 8, 2016 9:55 am

The rules have changed again!

Alcohol Awareness week header 2[2] copyThe new government guidelines state:

Men and women should not drink more than 14 units a week, and pregnant women should not drink at all.

You should also not store up your units and drink them all in one go as this increases the risk of injury

No wonder so many of us struggle to find a healthy balance with alcohol, it can be confusing; how many units are in this bottle? Can I have another drink? Do I want a double? Just looking at different websites this morning, some are quoted as saying “that’s 7 pints of beer” whereas others say “6 pints of beer” so which is it?

Well this is where the problem lies, there is no safe quantity because it depends entirely on the strength (ABV%) of the alcohol you consume


6 pints of 4% beer (Carling, John Smiths, Guinness) = 13.8 units


6 pints of 5% beer (Grolsch, Stella, Heineken, Peroni, Budweiser) = 16.8 units

So in fact 6 pints is not even correct for a huge amount of brands



Then we consider wine, wow this is confusing, most websites are quoting “seven glasses of wine”

Well that depends on two things, not only the ABV% but now we consider how big is a glass of wine?


7 (medium 175 ml) glasses of 13% wine = 13.8 units


7 (large 250ml) glasses of 13% wine = 19.2 units


7 (large 250ml) glasses of 14.5 wine = 21.6 units


Chief medical officers have announced that any kind of alcohol can increase our risk of liver disease and cancer of the mouth, throat, gullet and for women breast cancer.

Want to know how many units your favourite drink has? Have a look at the drinkaware calculator

In the meantime I think I will go have a cup of 0% ABV cup of tea!


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