October 2, 2014 8:45 am


What do we associate October with?

It is Halloween, the start of dark mornings, the leaves are falling and we’re officially in autumn. It is the most popular day of the year to give birth (yes more babies are born on October 5th than any other day of the year) I digress, the other things to look out for in October is Stoptober and Go Sober for October can you see what they did there?


What is Stoptober then? Stoptober has been created by Public Health England in a bid to get the nation to Stop Smoking for 28 days. Clever really? One month, giving up something you already know it is bad for you so this is a time for you and your mates to really give it a go. After all one month won’t kill you, it might even make you feel better. According to the Stoptober website if you “stop smoking for 28 days and you’re 5 times more likely to stop for good.”

The thing with smoking is it is everywhere, you can buy cigarettes with your shopping and a lot of people smoke, yet everyone knows it is bad for you? It is associated with cancers, lung disease and emphysema. So if you stopped smoking for October this would be a huge benefit right? But what about the drinking? Drinking is also bad for you but doesn’t receive the same press as the fags, 22% of us smoke but approximately 90% of the UK drink so shouldn’t this be on the give-it-up list? The Macmillan Cancer support team have launched “Go Sober for October”. Giving up the drink for one month is known to have many long term benefits including increased energy, better sleep, weight loss and no horrid hangover.

small supportWhat I find amazing as the media have rallied behind this and they are now an international events, and with input from social media it is about giving up a vice, an addiction or something that is bad for you. At Aquarius we encourage and support people to cut down or give up alcohol, gambling and drug addiction as the benefits to giving up are always huge.

So with both of these is it merely a campaign cleverly thought up by some marketing genius who managed to merge two words together and create a clever slogan? Or is it something more? These campaigns haven’t just been dreamt up by asking what words fit with October; both of these campaigns have huge benefits. So give up, cut down, don’t give in to temptation, after all it is only 28 days so definitely worth a go!

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