Olympics Rio 2016

August 5, 2016 12:56 pm

2016-rio-olympics759-1Let the games begin

The Olympics has come around again, seems unbelievable that it was 4 years ago that London was aflurry with Olympic madness. In a few short hours the opening ceremony will begin, 207 countries (according to Wikipedia) will walk into the Stadium in Rio bearing their flag and representing the people in the country that they call home.

28 sports we have this year, with 11,000+ sports people participating. The thing about these men and women is they truly are masters of their sport, they have practised and refined their skills to the point where they are representing their country against the best of the best athletes to claim the title as best in the world!

Mo_2308145bBeing the best at something makes you feel invincible but over the next 3 weeks I don’t doubt we all watch as someone misses the target in archery, doesn’t quite hit the water perfectly straight in diving and will all wince if a gymnast falls from the balance beam. But it’s ok, they are still fantastic, and how we idolise them. Young people will be playing sports and some may have a view that when they are 18 they can represent great Britain in the 2024 Olympics just like Mo Farah or Tom Daley.

Just Like Recovery

The thing about all these athletes and our future stars is they knew their goal and never gave up. In spite of how many times they didn’t get their leg over that hurdle, they fell during a race, how many times they fell off the balance beam or couldn’t quite lift that weight. Morgan Uceny of the U.S. falls during the women's 1500m final during the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium August 10, 2012. REUTERS/Eddie Keogh (BRITAIN - Tags: SPORT OLYMPICS SPORT ATHLETICS TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)Experts say to master something, be it playing the piano, surfing a wave, or being an Olympic world champion athlete it takes 10,000 hours practice! Yikes that is a long time? This can be true of addiction, or at least being in recovery. So many people believe or hope that recovery will be an instant thing; give up the drugs, the alcohol the gambling and today I am a recovered addict. But this wont be the case, you have to work at it, pretty much every day! You will have to work out how to behave in social situations when alcohol is involved. You have to learn to resist the urge to check the odds for a football match. You might have to make new friends that do not continue to use drugs and entice you to do the same. You have to learn alternatives to using, try knew hobbies, make use of your time. And you have to practice and practice this over and over again. It is likely that you will fall off your balance beam, relapses happen but so long as you continue your pursuit just like the Olympiads, you know you need to get back up again and keep on practising.


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