Ruth Spencer discusses the harms of alcohol on Free Radio

A selfie of RuthThe Commission on Alcohol Harm released a new report this week on the harm of alcohol. Ruth Spencer, Adult Treatment Service Manager at Aquarius was asked to comment on Free Radio about it and the work Aquarius does to change lives.

The Commission on Alcohol Harm has released a new report stating alcohol is the leading risk factor for ill health, death and disability among people aged 15 to 49 in England. The commission includes a range of health experts, peers, and MPs, and found “overwhelming evidence” about the harm alcohol can cause on children and family life.

Ruth Spencer, Adult Treatment Service Manager at SIAS Solihull, was approached as an expert in the subject to discuss the report on Free Radio. Ruth did a fantastic job explaining the potential harms of alcohol on individuals and their families, and how Aquarius is always there to support people who might be struggling with their alcohol use.

“People have also described drinking more at home as a way to cope with the pressures of lockdown, being at home, homeschooling, being on furlough, so it’s become a bigger problem”

The report stated that we must challenge the position of alcohol in the UK and encourage people to have conversations about drinking and be open about the harmful effects of alcohol on their own health as well as those around them.

The report suggested that we must encourage open conversations about drinking, which has always been a driving purpose of Aquarius, a charity with over 40 years’ experience providing evidence-based, high quality services to help change behaviour and change lives.

We thank Ruth for her work, and talking to Free Radio listeners, and to all our wonderful staff who work every day to change behaviour and change lives.

Please click below to listen to Ruth speaking on Free Radio: