Special K

March 21, 2014 11:03 am

No we’re not talking about the cereal, this K might also cause weight loss but not in that way. We’re talking about Ketamine!

Special K as it is known on the streets is a party drug which became popular in the early naughties. People often know it as a horse tranquilliser, it is in fact used legally for humans too, it is a pain killer and is used correctly it is very effective and will not harm you in any way.

Ketamine gives the user a relaxed, floaty experience, often taken by people who are at raves or in clubs. However take too much and users enter the K-hole (charming expression?) this causes them to feel totally out of their body, often numb and unable to talk or communicate, it causes hallucinations and paranoia. 

Due to this lovely feeling of euphoria people take this drug regularly in a nonchalant manor, after all, what’s the worst that could happen? Will all substances used in a way they are not meant to we often don’t know the serious side effects until it is too late. This is very much the case with ketamine, this party drug causes damage to the bladder, often causing urinary tract infections, incontinence, pain and bleeding. The worst that could indeed happen is there are an increasing number of people in their twenties having to have their bladder removed! That means a life of wearing a catheter and having to drain your own urine.  

This year the government plan on changing Ketamine from a class C to a class B drug, (you can read about this here) whether this will put people off using the drug remains to be seen but if the chance of imprisonment doesn’t put you off, maybe the next time you use the bathroom to relieve your bladder you might just think again?

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