Your Stories

Aquarius support people on their journey to recovery. However the journey doesn't end there, every day is a recovery day and we continue along the path forever.

We do not edit the stories in anyway, these are your words.

Katie’s Story

So 4 years ago I went to visit my brother in Mexico, where he had been living for ten years. I have to say this was the worst holiday of my life.  My brother and I are extremely close and […]

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Lisa’s Story

Hello my name is Lisa.  Last year at the (Aquarius Staff) conference my mom and daughter spoke about their experiences living with a drug addict and how it affected the family.  We thought it would be nice to finish the […]

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Henry Maybury

Henry Maybury is a young man who has endured more than most at the young age of 22. Henry was bullied at school, he watched his parents’ go through a divorce and the dream of a sporting career was short […]

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Laura C’s Story

My name is Laura and I am writing as a recovering alcoholic. I’ve been sober for six years after falling pregnant with my first child. It has been a long and hard path for me because of these things, but […]

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John’s Story

Hi im John Dixon , I lost my Nan in May 2013 the day we flew back from my wedding. At the time I was also a big drinker and it was something my nan would always moan at me […]

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Laura L’s Story

I’m coming up on my first-year anniversary. One year without a drink or a drug. It means a lot to me this time. See, I’m a repeat offender. And I’ve been given a second chance. I don’t want to mess […]

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If you're in recovery we would really love to hear from you, share your stories and experiences with us. Please email and put "My Story" in the subject. You can remain anonymous or give a fake name if you prefer, we just want you to be proud and share how far you have come