Henry Maybury

Henry with doggiesHenry Maybury is a young man who has endured more than most at the young age of 22. Henry was bullied at school, he watched his parents’ go through a divorce and the dream of a sporting career was short lived when he was diagnosed with arthritis. The biggest tragedy happened two years ago when Henry watched his older brother Tom passed away after a ten year struggle with alcohol. The death of his brother left Henry feeling devastated and lost, so he decided to pour out his thoughts and feelings into poetic verse and thus the song ‘Lost Days’ was born.

To accompany the song, a music video was produced, directed by Matthew Steggles and filmed by Raphael Bliss. Henry wanted to promote his song and video as a way to help those who have lost friends and family to alcohol abuse. This song and accompanying music video became a social media sensation which started when presenter Lorraine Kelly tweeted it. This started a following from other celebrities, including EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt, Abi Phillips from TV soap Hollyoaks, England rugby stars Mike Tindall and Olly Barkley, and actor John Challis, who played Boycie in TV comedy Only Fool and Horses.

This reaction from celebrities led to Lost Days being a success and has had over 1,000,000 views on YouTube. As a result Henry became part of a school and prison program where he attends and performs his music and speaks about the dangers of addiction. After one school visit Henry said “One girl came to me after I had spoken and told me how much it had affected her. The school told me she had never opened up like that before, so I was really touched.” Henry also spoke at a recovery event at Durham Prison to some tough Category B prisoners who told him he was a breath of fresh air and had done his brother proud.  henry with people

Thanks to Henry’s music and success of his first few songs he has had the opportunity to meet some other celebrities including admirer Rupert Grint, famous for his role of Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films. John Challis as such an admirer he agreed to appear in Henry’s latest song ‘You’re Beautiful’ which also stars Simon Weston, who became something of a celebrity when he suffered horrific disfiguring burns in the Falklands war. Simon does a lot of charity and recovery work and was happy to star in the video and lends a powerful presence to the message “nobody is perfect,  but everyone is beautiful in their own way”

Simon Weston  John Challis  With Rupert

Addiction can affect anyone and learning about the dangers and seeing how much of an impact it can have on the individual as well as loved ones is a powerful message especially when performed as a song. So powerful in fact that Henry was asked to perform his song at the biggest recovery event in Europe which had an audience of over 6000 people. It was at this point Henry realised he was having an impact and did have the ability to change lives and in spite of rubbing shoulders with his celebrity following, Henry remains humble and his music is always in tribute to his brother Tom.

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