John’s Story

John Dixon

Hi im John Dixon , I lost my Nan in May 2013 the day we flew back from my wedding. At the time I was also a big drinker and it was something my nan would always moan at me about. When my nan died I vowed to make her proud and give up drinking witch I did so on 10/10/2013 with the help of Aquarius , an addiction support group in wolverhampton. In doing so I got back into something I always loved which was fitness, something I had neglected in recent years. With my new renewed love for bodybuilding I decided I am going to attempt a bodybuilding show in 2015, my main motivation for it is as a personal pride thing and to show what you can achieve when you put your mind to it going from alcoholic to “athlete”. As this is a one of thing im going to do I decided to do it for charity and split money 2 ways. Any cash sponsorships I get will be donated to Recovery 4 u (Aquarius new name) and my main sponserships via text and just giving would be Pancreatic cancer UK. My journey starts 10th Oct 2014 and will be publisised in local news/papers , I will also be doing fortnightly vlogs on Utube witch ill be posting links to on facebook,twitter ect .. explaining my journey and maybe to help others who wish to lose weight ect … from Jan 1st 2015 I will have the help of Adam Alcott , a PRO-AM bodybuilder and part owner of Bushbury Weights and Fitness the gym sponsoring me for this event. Im very nervous but extremely excited about the journey im about to take and would love it if you all got behind me and sponsored me weather it be your time or your kind donations of cash to this amazing cause .

(John recently posted this on Facebook)

12 months ago I woke up n turned to my wife n said “not drinking again”(not or the first time she heard it haha) it’s somethin I really wanted deep down so sort help fromAquarius Midlands. At first it was weird and in fact took longer for others to get used it. I sit here 12 months later still a non drinker even goin to magaluf wi the lads along the way. There’s loads of people I want to thank so ill do my best cuz each person deserves to hear what they mean to me. First mi mate Ian who through this still constantly asks me to come out n even gets me water instead of sambuca so I’m not left out haha also Nigel never gives me chance to order a pint as a diet coke is on the bar as soon as I walk through the door. Then maga lads Damian, Shaun, Wayne, Lindon and porn, not once did they try tempt me to drink the free shots or make me feel alien infact they embraced it. Also Adam, helped me fall in love with bodybuilding again and even believed in me when I said I want to compete for charity and is helping me reach my goal. Last of my mates n most important Craig, bin there from the off n been a major part in me succeeding. Of my family I wanna thank my brothers Mark n Lee who have backed me from day 1, my grandad and also June who has showed how proud of me she been n been very supportive and made me feel loved , it’s been exactly what I needed. Finally n most important my children and especially my wife Samantha Dixon she has been my will power and the reason I could achieve this and I could not thank her enough all I can do is carry on showing her I love her and making her proud . Sorry for long status but wanted each person ton know what impact they have had in my success. thanks for reading my story, John Dixon

(John’s page can be found here)

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