Derby Adult Services

Derby Adult Service

Derby Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service provide adults a wide range of support no matter what kind of alcohol or drugs you are using. This service is run in partnership with Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Phoenix Futures.

We offer different levels of support from advice and harm reduction to 1:1 sessions and acupuncture. The service also specialises in the medical aspect of substance misuse treatment and manages all substance misuse substitute prescribing across Derby.

We also deliver support to families and partners affected by another person’s substance use. Our service supports you to reduce alcohol or drug use and its associated impact on yourself, family and communities and to move you towards a drug free recovery.

  • We offer advice, information and support about drug and alcohol misuse and how this can impact on children and families.
  • We support parents to make changes in their substance use.
  • We talk to other professionals who are supporting you to ensure you have the support you need.
  • Our ‘Choices’ programme provides one-to-one support for young people aged 10-18 affected by a parent/carers alcohol or drug use.
  • We support the resilience of adults and young people so they can cope and help the alcohol or drug user to make changes where appropriate.
  • We usually meet with a family for weekly support sessions for about an hour. Some sessions will be for the whole family, some for children and family members on their own.

Download our Family service leaflet here for more information.

We provide support for family members in their own right as well as support for the person using drugs or alcohol. This service is for people living within the city of Derby.

You can contact us directly at 0300 790 0625 and or a professional who is already supporting the family can contact us.