Gambling Service

Adult Gambling Service

We support people 16 years and over affected by gambling, either their own or the gambling of a family member, partner or friend through 1:1 and group support sessions.

As GamCare partner in the Midlands, we provide support, information and advice to anyone suffering with a gambling problem, as well as to family members and friends affected by someone else’s gambling.

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Problem gambling is gambling that ‘disrupts or damages personal, family or recreational pursuits.’ Approximately 9 people in every 1000 currently have a problem with gambling; however, a further 70 people per 1000 gamble at risky levels that could become a problem in the future (Royal College of Psychiatrists).

Problem gambling shares many similarities with other addictive disorders. However, there are usually no visible signs or physical changes that directly indicates there is a gambling problem.

Here are some common signs of problem gambling:

  • The person gambles more than they intended.
  • The person is feeling guilty about the way they gamble.
  • The person wants to stop betting but feels as if they can’t.
  • The person gambling is hiding betting slips, lottery tickets or money for gambling.
  • The person gambling is borrowing money and not repaying it.
  • The person gambling is losing time from work or school due to gambling.
  • Feeling restless or irritable when attempting to cut down or stop gambling.
  • Jeopardising or losing a significant relationship, job, or education because of gambling.

All the support we provide is tailored to your needs, interests, and personal goals. The kinds of things we work on with you include:

  • The psychology of gambling
  • Tips and strategies to control, reduce, and stop your gambling
  • Information on how to block gambling software
  • How to engage the support of family and friends as you stop gambling
  • Alternatives to gambling
  • Coping with cravings and urges to gamble
  • Signposting to debt management
  • Coping skills to help deal with a family member, partner or friends gambling

We support people 16 years and over affected by gambling, either their own or the gambling of a family member/close friend or partner.

Our services are delivered in the West Midlands and West Mercia:

  • Birmingham
  • Sandwell
  • Dudley
  • Walsall
  • Coventry (and Warwickshire)
  • Solihull
  • Wolverhampton
  • Telford and Wrekin
  • Herefordshire and Worcester
  • Stoke
  • Staffordshire

You can self-refer to this service or be referred by a professional. Call 0300 456 4293 or email to refer or get more information.

We have a single point of contact for referrals to ensure you are given the best advice, information and signposting suited to your own situation.

We also provide education sessions and training in Birmingham to young people and professionals who work with young people.