In Derby we offer alcohol services and access to drug treatments for adults, and have a large family service to support those affected by someone else’s substance misuse

Alcohol Treatment Service
Offers alcohol treatment for adults in Derby.  Work comprises of 1:1 sessions and Group work. Aim of the support is to assess, advice and support to reduce or abstain from alcohol use. Refers can be made by any professional or self referrals are also welcome.  Assessments are offered via appointment basis but also via drop in.
Substance Misuse Engagement Team
Supports adults to access treatment services for drug and alcohol issues, complex needs including housing, general wellbeing and mental health.  The aim is to encourage the adult to engage in services and continue in their treatment journey. Once the person is actively engaging in treatment their support will be continued by the individual treatment agency.
Family Drug & Alcohol Service
Supports families as a whole where a parent or carer uses drugs or alcohol.  The support aims to reduce and address any safeguarding concerns and impact towards the children from the parents/carers substance use.  The support in provided within the family home or within the treatment service.
Recovery Service and Rehab support
Supports adults through their recovery journey to engage in purposeful activities, 1:1 sessions and group work.  The aim is to explore triggers, relapse prevention and peer support networks to encourage them to remain abstinent in their substance use.
Rehab support people who are in treatment for drugs and alcohol, we provide support in preparing for residential rehab, assessments, detox and engaging in the process.
Get in touch:
t: 0300 790 0265 (option 3)
a: Aquarius, St Andrews House, 201 London Road, Derby, DE1 2TZ
a: Aquarius, Victoria House, 24-28 St Peters Churchyard, Derby, DE1 1NN
a: Aquarius, 2 Wilson Street, Halliday House, Derby, DE1 1PG