Derby Choices Programme

Derby Choices Programme

Derby Choices Programme supports young people aged 5-18 affected by a parent/carers alcohol or drug use.

We support children and young people on how to positively manage how they are feeling, who they can turn to in a time of need and how to deal with an upsetting, stressful or uncertain situation, whether that be at school, home or to do with friends, family and relationships.

Aquarius’s Choices model is an evidence-based approach, home-office evaluated model working specifically with young people, around harm caused by parental (or a significant others) substance-misuse.

Derby Choices doesn’t like to put a timescale on how long you get support from us for, however the  minimum is 6 sessions.

Support normally takes place in school for around an hour, or somewhere in the community where you feel comfortable to talk to us.

Our support includes:

  • Help with developing positive relationships
  • Emotions exploration and regulation work
  • Safety Planning and Protective Behaviours
  • Activities to develop confidence, self esteem, personal identity and resilience
  • Building resilience
  • Exploring coping strategies
  • Removing guilt
  • Providing drug and alcohol awareness
  • Developing support networks
  • Looking to the future / goal setting
  • Safeguarding Multi-agency work with Early help/TAF/CIN/CP/MASH
  • Partnership multi – agency work with CAMH’s, YOS, CSE targeted services, Police, supported/residential services.

The key foundations of the approach within our Aquarius Choices Model include:

  • Respecting/listening to the individual
  • Being there for them (present, open-door, phone/text)
  • Building mutual trust/confidence
  • Giving as much choice/control as they can manage and is safe to do so
  • Providing practical support needed to attain goals

The person centred care-planned interventions consist of methods to increase protective factors and decrease risk factors in line with safeguarding, and the 7 C’s of Resilience.

Stage 1 – helping young person to understand that…

  • I didn’t CAUSE the behaviour
  • I can’t CONTROL the behaviour
  • I can’t CURE the behaviour

Stage 2 – helping the young person to understand that…

  • I can take CARE of myself
  • I can COMMUNICATE my feelings
  • I can make healthy CHOICES
  • I can CELEBRATE myself

Any young person between the ages of 5 – 18 who has been impacted by a parent / carer’s substance misuse who resides within Derby City.

Support can be offered within the home environment, school, or any community venue where a YP feels comfortable.

To request support from Derby Choices Programme please complete this referral form and send to or you can call us on 01332 362744 for more information or to talk to one of our practitioners.

Our impact

“Choices have been working with my children for sometime now. The support they are receiving is undoubtedly helping them through a difficult time. They’ve grown to trust their practitioner and love working with her.” Parent of children supported by Choices