The Grow Project

The Grow Project

Grow food, learn skills, make friends.

The Grow Project is led by young people who are affected by drug or alcohol use. As part of the project, you’ll learn to grow your own food, learn to cook healthy meals, make new friends, and have the chance to earn qualifications.

Grow is a place to be yourself and meet new friends. It’s important to us that the project is a welcoming and supportive community, as well as a place to develop life skills.

We are about growing in ever sense: we help you learn to grow your own healthy food, and we provide a supportive, fun space for you to grow your skills and grow as a person.

Some of the many activities we do include:

  • upcycling furniture
  • growing and maintaining vegetables, trees and plants
  • garden building projects
  • learning to cook healthy meals on a budget
  • chilling, relaxing, enjoying nature

To refer yourself or a young person you know (with their consent!) contact us for a referral form via

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We welcome referrals from professionals and self-referrals. Just download this form and email it to us.